“Roster Far From Being Finished”- Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr Reveals Team Needs




Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr saw his team go through a rough year. The team brought in D’Angelo Russel to pair with Steph Curry for a season. However, those plans flopped after Curry got injured and Russel was traded to Minnesota for Andrew Wiggins.

Now that the Steph Curry-Klay Thompson back-court will reunite for the next season, with a versatile wing in Andrew Wiggins, the team should be optimistic. While Wiggins isn’t a perfect fit with his inconsistent offensive game and lackluster defense, Steve Kerr will find a way to make him work.

However, one thing Kerr needs urgently is size. Kerr spoke to Tim Kawakami of The Athletic and revealed that the roster for next season isn’t ready, as the team requires more size on the court.

The Warriors never had an elite big-man in their run over the last few years. However, they didn’t need it as they pioneered playing a small-ball lineup with Draymond Green as the center. However, now that the West is bigger, they need to compete with others.

What the Golden State Warriors need

The Warriors have identified the need for size and athleticism. But where do they look to fulfill these requirements? They have the number two overall pick in the Draft and could move for Memphis center James Wiseman. However, the Warriors have immediate championship aspirations. Their core trio is advancing in age, and their window may not be that long.

The Warriors also have a $17.2 million trade exception, so they can lump it with the pick and another contract to move for someone truly elite. Maybe Rudy Gobert is available in Utah after his issues this season. Could they force a way to split up the Philadelphia duo of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid by trading for Embiid?

All of this is highly aspirational, but the Warriors will look to make a big splash. They don’t have the cap space to make big-budget signings. However, they have a few precious assets which a team could bite on in exchange for a massive star.