Rohit Sharma Reveals MS Dhoni’s Contribution To His Double Century in 2013 Against Australia




Rohit Sharma, India’s vice captain went back in time to talk about his double century of 2013.

During the Instagram live session “ReminisceWithAsh”, Sharma and Ravichandran Ashwin spoke about his memories of the 2013 ODI.

Rohit Sharma reveals how he did not expect to score a double century

First, Sharma talks about how he did not expect to make the double century. The players before him were Shikhar Dhawan, Suresh Raina, and even Virat Kohli. Things turned dire for India when Yuvraj Singh was dismissed as well.

“I never thought I would score a double hundred. I just wanted to bat.. It rained a bit and them along with Shikhar, remained not out till the break. Soon Shikhar got out and Virat was run out as well. So I took over the responsibility. Suresh and I also shared a good partnership but lost Yuvi early.”

The Indian batsman gives credit to MS Dhoni for the constant pep talks

Following this, Rohit Sharma revealed during this session is how MS Dhoni played a crucial role in his achievement. He said that it was the former skipper’s pep talks which helped him with the way he tackled each delivery.

MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma 2013

Rohit Sharma played with both Shikhar Dhawan and Suresh Raina. However, it was when MS Dhoni came to play is when Sharma found his true motivation. He reveals how MS Dhoni kept talking to him between overs and telling him keep batting till the 50th over. The plan was to keep Sharma as the set batsman while MS Dhoni takes all the risks.

“I batted with MS Dhoni till the 48th over. During the partnership, he kept on talking and discussing things with me. He said, ‘You are the set batsman and we want you to bat till the 50th over and I will be the one who takes chances’.”

The hitman scored his double century within 158 deliveries. India won the 7 match ODI series by 57 runs.