“Roger Federer Will Be My Last Coaching Job” – Coach Ivan Ljubicic




World Number four  Roger Federer has been training under his coach Ivan Ljubicic since the year 2016.  He was the one who improved Federer’s backhand. During his injury/surgery layover in 2016, Ivan introduced some tactical changes in Roger’s game and gave an offensive angle to his game.

The revolutionary backhand of Roger Federer marked one of the greatest comebacks in the history of tennis. In the year 2017, Federer lifted up the Australian Open as the 17th seed, after playing a phenomenal final match against his greatest adversary Rafael Nadal.

His title hunt continued during the American Double Sunshine, Wimbledon, and Shanghai Masters. Also, he won titles in Halle and Basel.

Roger Federer

“As far as the coaching is concerned, it’s exclusively Roger Federer” – Ivan Ljubicic

Despite possessing elite coaching skills, Ljubicic will be giving up his coaching job once Federer decides to hang his racquet. At present, he has devoted his life, career, and himself to the Swiss maestro, as he says: “Roger is my first, second, and third priority.”

But after Federer’s retirement Ivan will be focusing on other ventures of the world. “Roger will be my last coaching job. My commitment to this project after Roger is absolute. But Roger and I go further, my work with him is unquestionable and there are no problems there,” he told Novi List.

“After his career, I can dedicate myself one hundred percent to what makes me happy. Then I will be able to help the players in a way that we judge to be the best. At the moment, as far as the coaching part of the job is concerned, it’s exclusively Roger. The rest is marketing and sponsorship.” (Quotes have been translated)

Federer hits a slice as his current coach Ivan Ljubičić looks on.

Besides Ljubicic, former Swiss tennis player Severin Luthi is the head coach of Federer’s team, and he has been touring with Roger since 2007.

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Currently, Federer is recovering from his knee surgeries and he’s yet to begin his preparation for the 2021 tennis season. Before hitting the tennis court Roger will be carrying out his fitness training sessions with his longtime fitness coach Pierre Paganini. And his entire tennis is hoping to reproduce similar comeback results like in the year 2017.