Roger Federer Accepts Charity Match Challenge From Two Tennis Fans After Australian Open 2021 Withdrawal




For any aspiring tennis player, it is a dream to hit the court with the 20-time Grand Slam champion, Roger Federer. Recently, a 21-year-old Oliver White uploaded an Instagram video of playing a game with his friend Jamie Duff. The duo was playing in their local area of Ashbourne and tagged Federer on their Instagram post.

To their surprise, the Swiss Maestro replied to the post and expressed his desire to play with both tennis fans after the lockdown. It came as a dream come true for the DCU students’ with Oliver sharing their entire exchange on the social media platform.

“Great skills – would love to come and play you guys after lockdown,” said Federer, responding to the video on which they tagged him.

Roger Federer accepts challenge

Delighted after reading Federer’s message, the boys sent a voice note to the Former World No.1 and challenged him to come to Ireland to play a match with them.

“We wanna do something with this. Genuinely, we were thinking, if you actually came over and had a match with us, that would just make our dreams come true. Let’s quit all the talk and make it happen,” said Oliver and Jamie.

Roger Federer of Switzerland in action against David Goffin of Belgium on day six of 2019 Rolex Shanghai Masters at Qi Zhong Tennis Centre in Shanghai, China. (Photo by Fred Lee/Getty Images)

What followed next, swept the boys off their feet. The 8-time Wimbledon champion sent a voice note complimenting the boys over their tennis skills and suggested areas of improvement. Notably, Federer told the boys to contact his agent and expressed interest in doing something together with his charity.

“I loved the video, I thought it was great. The tennis is looking good but maybe a bit of work needed with the footwork. I think we should definitely do something with my charity, send an email to my agent and we’ll sort something out,” said the voice note sent by Federer.

After the COVID-19 restrictions ease-out, Federer could actually land in Ashbourne to play a match with the boys. But for Oliver and Jamie, even receiving a response from the tennis legend has been nothing short of a miracle. In the coming months, we might witness the boys raising money for Federer’s charity.