“Right Behind Michael Jordan”: Paul Pierce Makes a Surprising Statement on LeBron James




Former Celtics’ forward turned analyst, Paul Pierce has shocked the NBA fans by appreciating LeBron James contrary to a bitter history. LeBron recently advanced to the NBA Finals 2020 against Miami Heat in an effort to clinch his fourth title.

Lakers have been flawless this season with exemplary performances on the offensive and defensive end. Alongside ‘The Brow’, Anthony Davis, LeBron and the Lakers have smoothly made it to the last challenge of the league.

Adding to his team’s incredible achievements, LeBron has broken an endless number of personal records this year. He has surpassed the NBA greats with the highest number of Playoff wins in league history.

Former Celtics’ star has always been wary of LeBron James

Despite LeBron’s soring career heights, Paul Pierce has failed to recognize him among the greatest of the league in the past years. He had deleted LeBron from the list of all-time best players that includes the likes of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and other legends.

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Also, a couple of days back, Pierce made a statement saying that unlike his generation of players, this generation is ‘scared’ of LeBron. The Celtics’ star was immensely criticized and trolled over this remark that left him on the laughing end.

Paul Pierce is ready to add LeBron to the ‘greatest’ list

As it turns out, Pierce is changing his perspective towards the 35-year old model of talent, LeBron James. On an episode of NBA Countdown, Pierce was seen appreciating James amongst the very few times during his years as an analyst.

“It’s not easy to make an NBA Finals and for him (LeBron) to be able to do it ten times, he’s moving up there in my rankings. If he wins a title this year, I’ll put him right behind Michael Jordan.”

Yes, he’s talking about placing Lebron ‘right behind’ Jordan only two days after making an inappropriate statement against him. It comes as a surprise to most NBA followers and the other analysts sitting in the panel.

Moreover, LeBron is eyeing the 2020 championship with immense grit and determination. But Lakers and Heat will showcase a competitive ending to this season. We are yet to see if Pierce will get a chance to place LeBron amongst the greatest.