‘Reminded Me A Lot of Gigi’: Co-Author Reveals Her Heartfelt Gesture to Vanessa Bryant For Kobe Bryant




After Kobe Bryant retired in 2016, he devoted his attention to other things. He took onto other things, such as making an Oscar award movie and co-authoring a book alongside Ivy Claire.

The book, titled Epoca: The River of Sand was a project of both Kobe and his wife Vanessa Bryant. Unfortunately, Kobe is not with us to see how successful the book has become.

But Claire spoke to Vanessa about the experience of working on that project.

During the interview, Claire revealed that Kobe always wanted to base a character off her daughter in the book.

“I love Vera… who’s not the main character or the secondary character. She’s just this amazing athlete who’s competitive. She just embodies pure athletic drive, but she’s also the kindest and the most reasonable and the person who doesn’t have to be told to be a good friend. It just comes naturally to her.

Ivy further revealed that this was something of utmost importance to the late legend Kobe Bryant.

“We rewrote it for her to look like your daughters. That was very important to Kobe … and she’s supposed to, so I’m glad that comes through.”https://www.instagram.com/p/CI1c4PuDh31/

After Kobe retired from the NBA, spending time with his family was something that he took very seriously. Kobe did spend 20 years in the league and for professional athletes it’s very difficult to maintain the work and life balance.

Vanessa made sure to keep the Mamba Mentality alive within the book

VALENCIA, CA – JUNE 28: NBA MVP Kobe Bryant (right) and wife Vanessa Bryant (left) on Terminator Salvation – The Ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain on June 28, 2009 in Valencia, California. (Photo by Mathew Imaging/WireImage)

We have heard a plethora of stories about Kobe and his Mamba Mentality. Even after Kobe passed away, players and fans want to follow that killer mentality of Kobe. Vanessa wanted to make sure that the book also conveys that message through it’s content.

So Ivy Claire had to make a change and omit a line on Vanessa’s request.

I remember there was one line of this book that said, ‘Friends come first, practice comes second’ — and I remember telling you there is no way in hell Kobe would ever agree because he used to always tell the kids, ‘Your friends will be there after practice.’”

For Kobe, nothing got in between for his passion for the game and the hunger to become better. It included his friends and family, so omitting that line is something that the Mamba would have wanted.