Red Bull Get Sweet Revenge on Mercedes’ Cheeky Dig on Twitter




Following Ferrari’s decline this year, Red Bull F1 has stepped up to become Mercedes’ greatest on-track challengers. Although out on the circuit, the fight may seem lopsided in Mercedes F1’s favor, the same can’t be said about their off-track battles. The Brackley-based outfit has one of the best social media teams out there. However, Red Bull have shown that their social media team ain’t no slouch.

Ahead of this weekend’s Eifel Grand Prix, the Milton Keynes-based team took to Twitter and took a jab at their rivals in the smartest of ways. They put out a picture of the starting line at the Nurburgring and followed it with an ingenious caption aimed at Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton.

The caption read, “Just confirming the practice start position for Nurburgring… Yep, that’s it.”

It was a reference to Hamilton practicing his starts well outside of the designated area in Sochi. That particular idea saw the Briton get slapped with a 10-second penalty (five for each illegal practice start) by the FIA stewards.

He initially had two penalty points added to his super license. But that was felt to be too harsh and was soon revoked in favor of a $29,401 fine.

Red Bull F1 practice tit for tat formula

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Formula One F1 – Italian Grand Prix – Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Monza, Italy – Red Bull’s Alexander Albon during practice Miguel Medina/Pool via REUTERS

The Milton Keynes-based outfit didn’t just wake up today and decide to throw some shade at their rivals. This tweet can be seen as a response to what Mercedes tweeted following the announcement that Honda (Red Bull’s engine manufacturer) was departing the sport after 2021.

Soon after news of Honda’s departure broke out, there were reports that stated Red Bull ace Max Verstappen could be on the move. Further fuel was added when Verstappen had stopped following his team on Instagram for a brief period.

Mercedes used that to their advantage and capitalized on the situation. They posted a hilarious tweet of their own, checking to see whether their own drivers follow them on Instagram.

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This off-field battle for internet supremacy seems to be heating up. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the next bit of banter that will surely be around the corner. Perhaps the Eifel Grand Prix could throw in some interesting topics to take pot-shots on. Either way, this rivalry will be an interesting one to follow.