“Puppy Out the Cage”: Stephen Curry Creates a Funny Analogy to Voice His Excitement About James Wiseman




The Western Conference looks to be in complete control of the Los Angeles Lakers. But it will be too soon and too naïve for anyone to discount the Golden State Warriors who can bite strong. For sure, they lack Klay Thompson in the upcoming regular season, but the Stephen Curry led franchise still has a lot of fuel to cross the finish line.

The Warriors are relying big time on James Wiseman, their star draft pick. An elite athlete, James is that bundle of electrifying energy who can make his presence felt from the very first season, and Steph Curry completely believes in his firepower.

Warriors’ Stephen Curry is impressed and taken aback by Wiseman’s commitment

The 32-YO is coming off a huge break from basketball. He knows well that it is he and Draymond Green who will have to play the leading role and motivate the team to gain back their lost greatness. Curry recently joined the team practice and kept James Wiseman under keen observation.

The three-time NBA champion came out impressed by the rookie. He exclaimed, “Extremely high ceiling. Excited for him to get some reps and be in a game-like situation. His energy (in practice) was crazy. It was like letting a puppy out the cage.”

The 19-YO showed a fire that impressed Draymond Green and coach Steve Kerr alike. Draymond did notice some areas of improvement in his defense, but everything else seemed on point.

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Steph Curry seems to be preparing a new gun

Warriors guard Stephen Curry celebrates after making a basket against the Sacramento Kings during the first quarter at Golden 1 Center. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

James, the Rookie of the Year in the making, and Steph, the MVP of the year prospect, both have pressure on them. The downside with James is that he has played only three games in college. There also was no training camp because of the pandemic, and hence he could be a little rusty in real games. However, Steph had earlier said, “Success for him will be framed a lot of different ways, I think. And it might not be what the stats look like, it might mean him being a part of big meaningful basketball games for us to help us win.”

James’ length and athleticism is definitely going to hold the key for the GSW’s defense. This is exactly where Curry will count on James and he’ll have to deliver.

Do you think that James Wiseman will prove to be the year’s top rookie? 

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