Popular Sportcaster Opens Up About Unique Experience of Interviewing LeBron James During ‘The Decision’ in 2010




LeBron James is one of the best players NBA has ever seen. But despite his phenomenal performances, he has had his fair share of critics over the years who continue to undermine him.

One of the most criticized moves by Bron was when he organized a one-hour special show called ‘The Decision,’ a show where he announced whether he was staying with or leaving the Cavs.

This move also had many other ramifications for the NBA players.

The Decision’s host, Jim Gray, speaks about his experience

Popular Sportscaster Jim Gray was the interviewer in ‘The Decision’. He recently spoke at ‘All the Smoke’ Podcast and shared how he felt about the same.

Gray said, “It was the most unique moment I’ve had probably in my career. It was the star of the NBA announcing to the league and the world his intensions that I did not know the answer to the question. I didn’t want to know the answer to the question.”

He added, “He was doing this with almost like having a press conference with only one person being able to ask the question, and that was me for this show, to give millions upon millions to the Boys and Girls Club to change and affect the lives for the better of thousands of kids and to be able to find out where exactly LeBron was going to playing.

“Whether he would be staying or going elsewhere. It was really unique. Nothing like that had ever occurred before and might I say nothing like that will ever occur again.”

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What were the ramifications of LeBron James’ decision?

‘The Decision’ was heavily criticized at the time, especially because LeBron was leaving his hometown team Cavaliers in such an unprecedented fashion. It was not fair for the hardcore Cavs supporters.

Despite that, this was the very first time that a player was so vocal about his decision and called the shots. Traditionally, it has been the organization who trades for a player or signs them. The control was at the hands of the organization and not the players.

For the very first time, LeBron James showed the power of a superstar. He led the path for the player empowerment era, where now the players also have the power and it’s not only the organization calling the decision.

This has forced teams to become more competitive when they have a superstar in their roster, either leading to an amazing roster winning it all or an unprecedented meltdown.

Now superstars have much more freedom to make their decisions, and if they desire to be successful elsewhere, they very well can. Ten years later ,James’ decision has been pivotal for other NBA superstars.

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