Novak Djokovic Wishes to Play Golf with Michael Jordan and a Hollywood Star




Novak Djokovic is into the third round of the Australian Open 2021, where he will meet America’s, Taylor Fritz. ‘Djoker’s second-round clash against Frances Tiafoe was a crazy four-setter that he finally won 6-3, 6-7, 7-6, 6-3 in a grueling match. The fact that he could hold his nerves following the second tie-break played a major role in his comeback.

However, is it just tennis at which this Serbian star excels? Maybe not, because just like many other tennis players, he too likes the greenery of a golf course. But, having already played it on the same course alongside Rafael Nadal, is there anyone else on his list?

Novak Djokovic revealed his interest in playing golf with Michael Jordan

In a recent interview, Djoker revealed his wish to play golf with the six-time NBA Champion and Chicago Bulls legend, MJ. The 33-year-old star expressed, “Michael Jordan, I didn’t meet Michael, but he’s one of my childhood heroes as people that I was looking up to as probably, most in this world. Ya, that would be really nice. We have a lot of common friends and he loves golf, so maybe I can catch him on some of the golf courses in the future.”

MJ’s love for golf is known to the entire world, more so after the release of his documentary, The Last Dance, and also after he opened the Grove XXIII, his private course. So it is highly likely that the 17-time Grand Slam champion’s wish will come true. Also, he later added another big name to his to-meet list.

He exclaimed, “Who else? Jim Carrey, I’d love to. He’s a very interesting guy. His views of the world are very intriguing to me. So I’d love to have a chat with him about that.” 

Novak has always been a funny personality himself. He has imitated the likes of Maria Sharapova, made fun of Ana Ivanovic, and copied Rafael Nadal to cheer the audience. So it is obvious that the Hollywood star is on his list.

When Djoker almost met Jordan

Just like Serena Williams is yet to meet Iron Man Robert Downey Jr, Novak is yet to shake hands with the NBA GOAT. However, in April 2019, a then 15-time Champion Novak was just a few minutes away from making that meeting possible.

One fine day, he was practicing ahead of Rolex Monte Carlo Masters, when his phone showed five missed calls. He immediately checked the phone and discovered they were all from his wife, Jelena Djokovic. When he called her back, she told him, “Jordan is here, five meters in front of me. Michael Jordan, your idol that you wanted to know so much. Come here straight forward!”

Djokovic could not comprehend and cut the call saying he needed to rest. A few minutes later, he was at the same Monte Carlo location as MJ, but alas, he had left the venue. And that’s how the two legends failed to meet.

But Novak can still have many chances to meet with the legend, just as Roger Federer had when he met with MJ because of their Nike endorsements.

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