“Novak Djokovic and All Others Didn’t Commit Any Crimes” – Dominic Thiem Hits Back at Adria Tour Critics




The Adria Tour was an exhibition event started by Novak Djokovic. While many people certainly enjoyed watching the event, it had some negative effects. Players including Novak himself got infected by the coronavirus that is spreading around the world and hence, all participants were criticized. Dominic Thiem was one of them and he has just responded.

I think it was necessary to make change” Dominic Thiem reveals

Dominic Thiem Responds

After the first COVID-19 cases were reported, Thiem was also tested. He tested negative but he apologized for his and all the other players’ behavior at the event. Now, he feels that the criticism has gone too far. At an exhibition event in Berlin, he said,

“We have to learn from the mistakes and be careful nowadays with this pandemic we are facing. That’s what we have to take from the Adria Tour. Novak and the others didn’t commit any crimes, you have to make that point. The fact we were criticized is not unfair because we all made mistakes. That’s clear. But it was way too much at the end because the whole tournament was well-intended.”

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Dominic Thiem Is Probably the Closest One" - Roger Federer's ...

The Adria Tour has been a controversial topic ever since the cases were reported. Many players have criticized the event while some have defended it. This is an argument that has been going on for a while but this not going to be Dominic Thiem’s focus right now.

The Austrian is going to be focused on playing the exhibition event in Berlin right now. He wants to use this event to prepare himself so that he can achieve one of his biggest goals – winning a Grand Slam.

Thiem came very close to doing that this year as he narrowly lost to Novak Djokovic in a thrilling five-setter at the Australian Open. He is now going to try to finally win a Slam and he will have the opportunity to do that at this year’s US Open.