Not Steph Curry, Not Klay Thompson: Former NBA Champion Highlights the Soul of Golden State Warriors




The Golden State Warriors look much better now and currently hold a two-game winning streak. The Dubs endured a slow start to the season, but Steph Curry decided to take things into his own hands after a few disappointing outings. But is he the sole reason behind the Warriors’ sudden success? 

Well, it would be foolish to not credit Steph for his recent contributions. He’s put up 92 points in the last 2 games, and that really is a commendable feat. However, one should also acknowledge that Draymond Green’s return has made the Dubs even stronger! 

Former NBA champion asserts Draymond Green’s importance to the Bay Team

When fans look at the Golden State Warriors from the 2010s, they direct their attention towards a prime Steph Curry and Klay Thompson running riot on the court. However, Draymond Green has also been an integral part of the Warriors’ roster since 2012. 

He’s a 3-time champion as well, and the Warriors dearly missed him during the start of their 2021 campaign. Green injured his foot during training camp, which made him miss Golden State’s opening games, but now he’s back. 

Jan 1, 2021; San Francisco, California, USA; Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard (0) controls the ball against Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green (23) in the first quarter at the Chase Center. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Green hasn’t contributed much on the scoresheet, but the Warriors are largely benefitting from the big man’s presence on the court. It was his experience and leadership that the young roster lacked on the court. 

“I keep PREACHING that Draymond Green is the Heart and Soul of the Warriors…he gives them a different type of swag when he’s on the court! Only a few basketball minds can relate!!! Carry on tho….,” Kendrick Perkins recently wrote on Twitter

This might iterate how important Green is to the Warriors’ roster. He’s clearly an impactful player to have and retired NBA stars know just what he brings to the court! 

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Green animatedly directed his Warriors teammates to clear out traffic on the court

The Warriors enjoyed a blowout victory over the Sacramento Kings on Monday. Curry led from the front with a 30-point performance and Draymond Green chipped in with 5 points, assists, and rebounds to his name. 

Green had a moment in the game where he was jumping up and down on his feet, asking his on-court buddies to clear out traffic on the court. This went down as a viral clip on the internet and Green wasn’t spared of memes either! 

However, the Warriors forward later explained the motive behind his actions and said: “It’s very important. In reality, guys don’t know where to go. There are times I don’t know where to go!”

It is because the 30-year-old is playing with new teammates and is just getting set with their playing styles. Green has been a Warrior throughout his NBA career and remains to be one of the main leaders of the franchise. 

The team looks more solid with his presence, and the Dubs have got a long way to go before the Playoffs. They’re currently 4-3 in the regular-season, but can they sustain the winning momentum in the upcoming games?

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