Noah Rubin Questions the ATP Tour About the Future After US Open and French Open




There are many types of events played in a tennis season. The Grand Slams are the most prestigious but the smaller events like the Challengers are also important. Oracle has been sponsoring such events in tennis but sadly, they have decided to cancel it according to Cracked Racquets. Noah Rubin was obviously unhappy about this but he was more focused on future events. Check out what he said.

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Noah Rubin On Oracle’s Decision

Oracle’s decision to cancel the tournament has been attributed to the coronavirus pandemic. And many more companies could make a similar decision regarding such events. This is what Noah Rubin is worried about as in a recent tweet he said,

“The decision by Oracle further proves that the talks about US Open and Roland Garros should be a small part of the conversation. What happens after these two tournaments?”

The US Open and the French Open are the biggest tournaments in tennis but not every single player can play at the main draw. For the lower-ranked players, Challengers are very important and it has to given its due attention by the governing bodies of tennis.

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As Noah says, the Grand Slams like the US Open and French Open have been given a lot of attention. This is because fans love watching them and one Major was already canceled this year – the Wimbledon and no one was happy about that.

The ATP has already started paying attention to tournaments part from the Slams. They have released a grueling schedule for many other tournaments to take place. And they should release a revised Challenger tour soon enough.

Clearly, the coronavirus pandemic has affected everybody in a very negative way. But hopefully, despite the pandemic, all of the events this year in the tennis season will go extremely smoothly.