‘No One Knows the Pressure Michael Jordan Is Under’: Former Chicago Bulls Teammate Makes a Major Revelation




Michael Jordan is one of the greatest players NBA has ever seen. Not only was he one of the talented players, he was one of the most competitive players on the court. He always wanted to win.

4-time NBA champion and former Detroit Pistons’ player John Salley recently had an interview with Vlad TV. In one part of the interview, Salley spoke about why was MJ so intense on the floor.

He said, “I learned this about Michael. No one knows the pressure Michael Jordan is under. Because we watch him on court and you go ‘Ahh’ but you don’t know the pressure he is under.”

“The media, trying to be a family man saving the NBA from destruction, making it a worldwide business. It was already on, but Michael made it what it is. When you’re a messiah, no one knows the pressure of the messiah. The messiah is there to save.”

“People talk about how intense he is. Of Course he is going to be that intense on court and practice. Because that’s the only place where he can release that energy. He didn’t know about yoga, deep breathing, martial arts, he didn’t find all those other things. Whatever was bothering him was coming out in practice. “

“I had no idea that we as the Pistons if we knew were on Michael’s mind that much they would have never won a championship.”

The rivalry between the Bad Boy Pistons and Michael Jordan & the Bulls

The rivalry between Isiah Thomas’ Detroit Pistons and MJ’s Chicago Bulls was one of the most intense rivalries the NBA has ever seen. The Pistons over the years had built a reputation of being a defensive juggernaut.

They would compete with every opponent and defeat them in a pretty physical battle. The rivalry started in the playoffs of 1988 when the Bulls faced off against the Pistons in the Eastern Conference semi-finals. Jordan was the MVP and the Defensive Player of the Year that season, and the Bulls were favorites.

The Bad Boy Pistons had a point to prove. Despite MJ’s efforts, the Pistons were too physical and far more superior to the Bulls. The Bad Boy Pistons ultimately won the series in 5 games.

They once again faced off in the 1989 Eastern Conference finals. The Pistons had the best record in the season with 63 victories. They were the favorites this time around. Jordan and the Bulls were determined to pull off an upset, and it looked like they would as they went up 2-1 in the series. The Pistons had some other ideas as they defeated the Bulls in three straight games to win the series. They clamped down on the Bulls with the ‘Jordan Rules’.

This continued in 1990 as well. The Bulls were very close to beating the Pistons, but a superior performance by the Pistons in Game 7 saw them defeat the Bulls in the third consecutive series. The Pistons also won two consecutive titles in 1989 and 1990.

The Bulls finally got their sweet revenge in 1991. The Pistons were nowhere near their best. The Bulls meanwhile had the best record and were the favorites. They defeated the Pistons in a sweep and went on to win their first title. First of many.

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