“No Matter How They Guard Me”: Jimmy Butler Sends Warning to Lakers After Game 5 Victory




The Los Angeles Lakers had a forgetful outing against the Miami Heat on Friday. They trailed behind the Heat for the most part of the game. It was painful for the Lakers fans to see them lose in the jerseys they donned, assuming they’ll win the championship in Mamba’s print. 

Erik Spoelstra and the company bested every plan that the Lakers had. They played like a unit that was not ready to accept failure, not until the very last microsecond on the clock. Jimmy Butler stood out with another game-winning performance that lifted the spirits of his bench. He explained later what went into building that hardcore mindset.

The never-say-die/never-fear-nobody attitude!

The Miami Heat did not qualify for the finals to win a consolation trophy. They’re for real, and they proved it twice in the series. Jimmy G. Buckets played the role of an anchor in these victories. In the post-game interview, he revealed, “Just stay aggressive. I don’t know what they’re gonna throw at me on a given night. Well, I think whatever you throw at me, it’s not gonna work cuz if I’m open, I’m gonna shoot it. If I’m not, I’m gonna pass it to Duncan [Robinson] or Tyler [Herro] or K-Nunn or Bam [Adebayo] or Jae [Crowder], and they’re gonna make the shot. So it’s only if we stay together and play Basketball our way, no matter how they guard me… [indiscernible].”

That’s the level of trust he carries in his team. A leader that shows faith in his pack of performers always generates out-of-the-box results.

It was Jimmy Butler vs LeBron James more than the Heat vs Lakers in Game 5!

Jimmy scored another triple-double with 35 points, 12 rebs, 11 assists, 5 steals, and 1 block. He converted back-to-back, clutch free throws with a 100% accuracy. The man seemed possessed with superpowers as everything that he touched turned to gold. It was scary to see how he cared less about getting physical to earn free throws in the defining moments. 

LeBron James on the other hand was equally, if not more, good. He scored 40 points, 13 rebs, 7 assists, and 3 steals with a 71.4% accuracy from the field. The 35-YO gave in all that he had and made a decent contribution in the clutch time when he was often triple-teamed. 

Even as the Heat had a three-point lead with a second remaining, Bron tried a three-pointer from the half-court that never touched the glass and the Lakers lost. From the looks that The Akron Hammer gave after the loss, chances are 100% that he will come back furious!