“Never Wanted Red Bull to Struggle or Suffer” : Daniel Ricciardo




Red Bull and Daniel Ricciardo are not the best of buddies. The racer and the team already had several problems while he drove in their cockpit towards the end of his time with Red Bull. After he jumped ship for Renault in 2018, situations have aggravated. However, that didn’t have the Aussie holding a grudge against the team.

Daniel Ricciardo expressed his stance on Red Bull’s present situation. He understood that the team needs a Power Unit supplier. He thus suggested that Renault can be one, without a doubt. Previously, Red Bull and Renault were partners in the Power Unit case. Although Red Bull complained about Renault’s engine, it was the one that won Ricciardo those podiums.

As far as Red Bull and my relationship with them and a lot of personnel in the team, I kept that strong throughout. Even through my decision, I kept good relationships. I never wanted them to struggle or suffer,” explained the Aussie.

Formula One F1 – Russian Grand Prix – Sochi Autodrom, Sochi, Russia – September 27, 2020. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in action during the race. Pool via REUTERS/Kirill Kudryavtsev

Honda leaving motorsport made the scenario very difficult for Red Bull. Previously, the car had problems with their chassis and now it may not have an entire engine for 2022. However, even in these dire times, Daniel extends his hand of friendship to the struggling team.

I do hope they find a solution, a good one, and they stay afloat and keep becoming a rival for the rest of us,” commented Ricciardo.

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Red Bull and Renault should bond, says Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo is one of the most dedicated racers on the grid. Fighting for a place, he makes his way for McLaren next season. In his place joins F1 legend Fernando Alonso alongside Esteban Ocon. Ricciardo has nothing to complain about in Red Bull’s case. He neither mocks their dire state nor takes pride in leaving them. He rather sympathizes with them suggesting them Renault as an engine supplier.

Going by the past and the history and my experience there, I don’t foresee anything they should be concerned about,” expressed Ricciardo.

Actually, Red Bull doesn’t have much of a choice. They cannot really turn to Mercedes or Ferrari. With Honda leaving, Renault is the only option. Despite their bad blood, the protocol will force Red Bull to turn to Renault. However, if they can refer to Ralf Schumacher’s suggestion and take the steps necessary, it would be the greatest redemption story in the sport’s history.

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