“Never Thought I Would Say That”: Former Lakers’ Champion Picks LeBron James over MJ




The neverending chatter over the GOAT of basketball has taken its twists and turns over the years. LeBron James has added to the confusion as he has entered this list of legends as well. But where to place each one such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Bron, is still under debate.

We have seen an unusual dominance by the current Lakers’ star, LeBron James at the age of 35. Recently, he stepped on some of the greats to make it at the top of numerous records.

LeBron has taken Kobe’s franchise to great heights with incredible numbers. Alongside the likes of Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard, they stand at the brink of another title. Many tend to place Bron on the same level as Kobe and Jordan, but it is difficult to find a consensus at times.

LeBron James is better than the aliens, says former NBA champion

Former Lakers player, Metta World Peace has had a taste of both the eras, playing against MJ, and alongside Kobe. It mustn’t be difficult for him to place a bet on the greatest debate. Rather, Metta chose the present time superstar LeBron James as the GOAT, calls him better than the aliens too.

“Never thought I would say that over my brother 24 and my favorite MJ. I was an Allstar in MJ Jersey 23. I changed my number for one season to honor a legend. But the King (Bron) is the greatest athlete to ever touch this galaxy. Better than the aliens too,” former champion told Scoop B.

Metta is a former Lakers champion who won the title back in 2010 with Kobe on his team. They both shared the court for a long time during the latter phase of Kobe’s career.

Is it that easy to declare LeBron the GOAT?

Well, the King, as he is known to be, averaged 27 points, 10.5 rebounds, and 8.8 assists during this 2020 Playoff season. He nearly makes it to the triple-double, just short of few assists. Those are phenomenal numbers after such an experience in the league.

James surely deserves to be named against the greatest basketball players of all time.