“Never Really Made That Face Before”: Miami Heat Rookie Tyler Herro Reacts to His Fiery Snarl in Game 3 Against Lakers




The Miami Heat stunned the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 3 and raced to a victory. On a night that demanded tremendous leadership, Jimmy Butler came out and stole the show. In addition to Butler, rookie Tyler Herro once again took scoring matters into his own hands and then reacted with a scary snarl towards the end of the game.

By now, a lot of fans are familiar with LeBron James’ playoff face. The King gets scarily frustrated when his team is trailing or is down by a game or two in the playoffs. LBJ’s face has received plenty of attention from fans over the years, and it is time they now look at a different one. 

Tyler Herro went all guns blazing into the final quarter of Game 3 and kept adding to Miami’s lead. With just a minute left in the tie, Herro made a bucket on Rajon Rondo and was visibly pumped up. That’s when the 20-year-old gave the snarl that has stormed the internet ever since. 

Herro has been terrific since the restart, but he has only just become an overnight sensation due to his animated expression after scoring against LeBron and the Lakers. Herro later commented on his snarl and said: 

“The snarl? I kind of just did it. I’ve never really made that face before, like ever in my really entire life. Kind of just happened in the midst of things, in the moment,” Herro mentioned. “Just how it is when you’re a competitor.”

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler Weighs in on Herro’s snarl

The Miami Heat have been an exciting watch this season, and Jimmy Butler has been spearheading the process. Every other Heat youngster has thrived under Butler’s leadership, and Herro has certainly more than lived up to expectations. 

After the Game 3 victory, Butler commented on Herro’s pumped up expression and said, “Tyler’s always going to be Tyler. I think we all love him for that. But like I tell T all the time, he’s my third favorite Herro.” 

Jimmy’s leadership has worked well with the Heat, and he inspires his teammates through strong methods. The former Sixers star has mentioned in the past that he’s developed a strong bond with all three Herro brothers (Austin, Tyler, and Myles). 

Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat team celebrating after defeating Los Angeles Lakers in Game 3 of 2020 NBA Finals
Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) reacts after a play against the Los Angeles Lakers as he high fives guard Tyler Herro (14) during the fourth quarter of game three of the 2020 NBA Finals at AdventHealth Arena. The Miami Heat won 115-104. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

“His little brother Myles is definitely my favorite, so I’ll talk more to Myles tomorrow than I will to Tyler because I think he is the reason that Tyler plays like that,” Butler continued. “He understands that he looks up to Tyler, and so Tyler goes out there and plays with so much confidence because he knows that his brother is watching.”

Well, Jimmy Butler knows how to get to his teammates in a way that makes them perform. He has been a special factor in the Heat’s success this season. But can he guide them all the way towards the end and win his first career ring?