NBA Rumors: Is Steve Nash Forming a Super Team of Coaching Staff at the Brooklyn Nets?




The Brooklyn Nets can very well be viewed as one of the most dangerous teams ahead of the 2020-21 season. This franchise was 35-37 without their key player Kevin Durant playing even one match. Kyrie Irving played just 20 and averaged the best figures of his life.

After they lost to the Toronto Raptors brutally in the NBA Playoffs 2020, the management brought in Steve Nash as the head coach. Since then, the Nets are into every NBA tabloid story where their decisions are questioned, criticized, or defended. Now, they are ready with another update.

The Brooklyn Nets are getting stronger with each passing week

The Nets have qualified for 21 NBA playoffs so far, but never once could win the championships. They had three terrible seasons from 2016 to ‘18, where their W-L remained a combined 69-177 (28%). It now seems that they’ve finally struck the winning combination. 

As another good news, a popular sportswriter revealed on his Twitter account, “Mike D’Antoni and Phil Handy are both potential candidates to join Steve Nash’s coaching staff in Brooklyn, according to a source.”

Mike D’Antoni left the Houston Rockets after their conference semis loss against the champion Los Angeles Lakers. If Mike gets to join the Nets, it would be a reunion between him and head coach Steve Nash. Historically, Steve Nash played under the assistant coachmanship of Mike D’Antoni from 2004 to 2008. Thanks to Mike, Steve won back-to-back NBA MVP awards in 2005 and ‘06. 

How will these names strengthen the foundation of the franchise?

The 69-YO D’Antoni is a 2-time Coach of the Year personality, known for his extensive expertise in growing a team’s offense. Both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have struggled in transition, and this is where Mike can deliver and treat the issue. He can turn the Nets into a 3-point shooting unit and that’s a plus. If he gets hired, he can get to be the associate head coach.

Phil Handy, on the other hand, is also a strong assistant prospect to Steve Nash. He is now from an NBA Championship-winning staff, and his past work with Kyrie will come as another positive. All in all, the picture that the Nets have painted for themselves looks very pleasing and they have no reason to not top the eastern conference when the season kicks off.