NBA Legend Belittles Kevin Durant and Negates His Contribution to Warriors Success




What a time it was, watching the Golden State Warriors winning championships back to back. It all started when Kevin Durant was drafted by the Warriors in 2016. His entering the franchise revolutionized their dynamic completely, but NBA Legend Charles Barkley feels otherwise.

The glory days began in 2015 when they etched their name in NBA history by recording a terrific record of 73 games with just 9 losses during the regular season. Then came 2016 when they added star Kevin Durant and entered the NBA Finals once again with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Therefore, they began their legacy by establishing themselves as the best team of all time.

When Durant left the Warriors, his exit left everyone shocked, but it resulted from a row between him and Danny Green. Nevertheless, the team has always shown plenty of respect to Durant for all the contributions he has made. Even when he left them for the Brooklyn Nets, the Warriors retired his jersey number as a tribute to the star.

Is Kevin Durant not as good as everyone has made him out to be?

On the Dan Patrick show, Charles believes two other players were more vital than Durant. He said Stephen Curry was the driving force. On top of that, he declared Danny Green as their vocal leader.

The theme of the conversation became ‘bus drivers’ and ‘bus riders’. In this context, Barkley said that because Durant is a bus-rider, he hasn’t moved up in the all-time list either.

“To be on my Mount Rushmore, you have to be a bus driver, you have to be that key guy on your team. LeBron is on there because of that. Bill Russell is there because of that. Till KD wins one in Brooklyn, he won’t be a bus driver to me,” asserted Chuck.

Well, we can only hope Durant proves Barkley wrong. The 32-year-old star missed this entire season due to an Achilles tendon injury. Yet, to make his debut with the Nets, fans are excited to see him team up with the likes of Kyrie Irving and coached under Steve Nash.