NBA Drafts 2020: Scouts Highlight Poor Defensive Skills and Work Ethics of LaMelo Ball




LaMelo Ball is one of the foremost prospects in the 2020 NBA Draft. His brother, Lonzo Ball, was the #2 overall pick for the LA Lakers in the 2017 NBA Draft. And now, LaMelo is being touted as a top draft pick.

LaMelo chose not to play college basketball in the United States. Rather, Ball chose to go ply his craft in the Australian Basketball League. He turned heads with his performances in Australia. And now, he has chosen to declare himself for the 2020 NBA Draft.

The Athletic spoke to several NBA Scouts in order to get opinions on each draft prospect. One of the scouts had mixed reviews about LaMelo Ball.

“He’s a 6-7 Trae Young. He can come in and lead the league in assists next year, but his work ethic is questionable. Does he want to be anywhere but New York? He can’t guard a chair.”

The unnamed scout questioned Ball’s work ethic and raised doubts over whether he has received proper training and guidance from coaches in the past.

“You’re going to have a lot of scrutiny if you take him. I don’t know that he’s ever been coached really, really hard.”

LaMelo Ball is a controversial pick

However, the scout did mention how rare a point guard such as LaMelo Ball is. What’s more, he noted that Ball has had notoriously bad interactions and interviews with the media and teams.

These interactions could have a significant impact on who chooses to draft him.“I don’t know if he’s ever had to be accountable. But 6-7 point guards are really hard to find. His interviews have been terrible, not just with teams but also with the media.

I’ve heard a lot of bad stories. I know people are saying he’s a top-three pick, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he drops a couple of spots.” 

The scout ended his evaluation by suggesting that LaMelo Ball could be worth the risk if any team chooses to bring him in. If a team is in search of a big personality, Ball is their guy.

“High risk, high reward. He’s flashy so people love him because they think he can draw fans.”

It remains to be seen where LaMelo Ball will be drafted in the 2020 NBA Draft. The Draft takes place on Wednesday, November 18th, 2020.

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