NBA Draft Rumors: Golden State Warriors Turn Back to LaMelo Ball After His Impressive Workout




The Golden State Warriors have the second pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. This opportunity could be very helpful for the team, and many sources are trying to predict the decisions the franchise will take this offseason. These predictions include whether the Warriors will bring in James Wiseman or LaMelo Ball into the team.

Golden State has been going back and forth on these two young stars. Several weeks ago, Wiseman was the one whose name was coming up most and was predicted to be their official selection. However, this might not be the case anymore.

However, it looks like the Warriors have changed their mind, as LaMelo Ball has reportedly conducted an impressive workout for the team’s front office that might have swayed them in his direction.

Initially, there were rumors that Ball was tanking his workouts on purpose, as he did not want to be picked by the Minnesota Timberwolves or the Golden State Warriors. Further, there was speculation of him sliding in the Draft table.

Are both Wiseman and Ball a gamble for the Warriors?

LaMelo is a bit of an enigma for everyone. He has gotten a lot of mixed reviews. On one hand, he exhibits talent like no other, but he’s also made a reputation for himself as an inefficient scorer. His passing is incredible but has worrying turnover numbers.

Wiseman is no less of a mystery. He hasn’t played many competitive games in the past year, which makes the decision tougher for the Warriors.

After ending up at the bottom of the Conference, the Warriors are looking to bring back their glory days. With all of their superstars, including Draymond Green, Stephen Curry, and Klay Thompson in their prime, they would want someone who can be an asset to their championship run.

All rookies acquired in the lottery require some time to adapt and evolve. Is this something the Warriors can afford to do? This decision will determine where the franchise’s future lies. Therefore, they definitely can’t afford to make this a hit and trial.

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