NBA Draft 2020: Who Should Golden State Warriors Pick After Uncertainties Over James Wiseman?




As Draft Day approaches, teams will begin to zero in on their targets. But with a draft that doesn’t have unanimous top picks, #2 overall pick holders Golden State Warriors are still unsure of what to do.

Due to the lack of a rim protector, they were heavily linked to Memphis’ sensation James Wiseman earlier. But now San Francisco Chronicle’s Connor Letourneau has said that those plans might be halted.

“The Warriors are still figuring out where to put Wiseman on their big board,” Letourneau wrote. “His limited playmaking ability and shooting range could make him an odd fit in a system that asks its center to be an offensive fulcrum. But after watching Wiseman work out in Miami last week, a league source who was present told The Chronicle, ‘He really is gifted physically. Is he worth the second pick? I’m not sure.’”

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Change in plans for the Golden State Warriors?

The best centers that have played in recent years for the Warriors are Andrew Bogut, an unfit DeMarcus Cousins, and JaVale McGee. So with Wiseman, the Warriors could finally have an exciting center for the future. Just a couple of weeks earlier, there were reports that the Warriors were impressed by Wiseman’s workout.

But with almost two weeks left to go, doubts have arisen over Wiseman’s fit into the team. His inability to shoot or pass seems contradictory to the Warriors game plan. They have always had quick passing and off-ball movement, so to place Wiseman into that looks tough.

If they do pass on Wiseman, their other options look bleak. No other frontcourt prospect would directly slide into their starting lineup. But they can select 22-year-old Obi Toppin and potentially move Draymond Green to the center.

Toppin is an exciting pick, but he is only 6’9 and isn’t the best rebounder. But he can still create chances for his teammates and also shot an impressive 39% from three off 2.6 attempts per game. So this could be an interesting choice for them. He is also one of the best athletes in the draft and is a phenomenal finisher.

With the return of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, the Warriors are looking to compete again. They will prefer to have an NBA ready prospect, instead of someone who will need a couple of years to settle in, and Toppin certainly fits the bill.

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