NBA Draft 2020: Scouts Questions Toughness of Prospect James Wiseman




James Wiseman is one of the top prospects in the upcoming 2020 NBA Draft. The University of Memphis center is, in the eyes of many, a top-projected pick in the NBA Draft.

Wiseman’s biggest strength is his combination of size and quickness. At 7’1, Wiseman is deceptively fast, almost moving like a point guard. He is an excellent lob finisher, and his defensive abilities are sought after. Many NBA analysts predict that Wiseman will be a top-three NBA Draft pick. It is hard to tell, given that he has only played three games for Memphis this season.

Ahead of the NBA Draft, The Athletic interviewed several scouts about the players in this draft class. On James Wiseman, one scout questioned his drive and said, “He’s a physical specimen, but who does he want to be? Does he want to be a skilled guy or someone who helps you win?” 

This scout also pointed out what Wiseman needs to do in order to be successful in the NBA. He also pointed out that Wiseman didn’t step up when his team needed him, referencing the issues Wiseman had in playing for Memphis. The scout said, “Needs to rim-run, rebound, and protect the rim. He has always run from competition. He quit on his team this year.” 

Scouts doubt prospect James Wiseman

The scout also suggested that Wiseman’s comparison depends on how he performs in the NBA. He believes that he could be an All-Star level player if he meets his potential and said, “He reminds me of Kwame Brown. He’s really gifted, really talented. How much does he love to play? If he pops he could be Sam Perkins or Chris Bosh.” 

The analysis of Wiseman ended with more questions than answers. While the scout thinks he is a smart player, he doubted Wiseman’s toughness in play and said, “The question is, does he love it enough? Does he compete at a high level? Who’s in his inner circle? What happens when things aren’t going well? He’s not a bad kid, very smart, very well-spoken. The biggest question is whether he’s tough enough.”

James Wiseman’s future is a subject of great speculation. Analysts have noted that there isn’t a standout favorite for the number one pick in this year’s draft class. Wiseman will find out about his new team at the NBA Draft, on November 18, 2020.

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