NBA Draft 2020: Anthony Edwards Labelled Mr. Inconsistent by Top Scouts




NBA Draft 2020 is upon us, and Anthony Edwards is expected to go on top of the ballot. Widely projected as a top-three pick in this year’s draft, Edwards has shown all the physical tools for the modern NBA game. However, there are a lot of issues with his game in a way that his ceiling is still far above his current ability. Any team picking Edwards is gambling on him fulfilling his potential.

The scouting process is almost over, and The Athletic has deemed Edwards the player with the most upside this draft, but with the label ‘Mr. Inconsistent’.

“Probably the most upside of anyone in the draft, but he was Mr. Inconsistent. He had that big game against Michigan State, and then the next five games you forget he’s on the floor. It’s hard to be an all-star in this league if you have no motor and no energy.

“He reminds me of Andrew Wiggins. He’s not in the greatest shape. He has some distractions in his life that need figuring out. I don’t think he’s a bad kid at all, but at some point, he’s got to start winning games. He didn’t win in AAU, he didn’t win in high school, he didn’t win in college.”

NBA Draft 2020: Anthony Edwards at risk of falling?

Anthony Edwards is a top-three pick, and possibly the most talented in this class. He could very well become a superstar in the modern NBA. However, the concerns about his consistency are very valid.

Edwards averaged 19.1 points on pretty poor shooting splits of 40% from the field and 25% from the three-point range. However, he showed the capability to hit some spectacular shots in big moments. His shot selection is going to be a major focus of how he progresses as a player in the NBA.

He can always get into shape through his NBA career, but he needs to put the work in. There seem to be doubts over his capability to put the amount of work required to be a superstar in the NBA. Any team selecting Edwards has to be aware of both sides, though, and watching him in the league will be very entertaining no matter where he goes.

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