NBA Analysts Names 5 Michael Jordan Stats That Will Drop Your Jaw




Michael Jordan may have retired from the game of basketball over a decade ago. But his popularity among fans is still huge. Yesterday, the NBA Hall of Famer turned 58-years-old and the entire world gave MJ their wishes.

Even after retiring from the league, Jordan still holds a plethora of NBA records to his name. In fact, most sections of the crowd consider him as the greatest basketball player of all-time (commonly known as GOAT). But what are some of the most astonishing stats that Michael Jordan has?

Some Crazy Michael Jordan stats

Michael Jordan (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

ESPN’s Mike Greenberg dedicated a small video on his show, regarding the top 5 MJ stats that will blow your mind. He stated:

#5 Michael Jordan currently polls as the most popular athlete in America. He played his last game 18 years ago! … #4 I wanna take you to the year 1987-88. Michael Jordan was named the defensive player of the year in the NBA [and] he averaged 35 points a game on offense that season. … #3 Michael Jordan in the years 1994 and 95 put together the most unique 30-30 seasons ever. Because in one season he had 30 steals for the Birmingham Barons and in the next he had 30 steals for the Chicago Bulls.

… #2 In the entire history of the NBA there have been three seasons in which a player did all of these things: had at least a 100 blocks, 200 steals and 300 assists & rebounds. … Michael Jordan has been responsible for two of those three and he led the league in scoring in both of those seasons. … #1 Michael Jordan won six championships. … He missed six regular season games in those six seasons.”

As Greeny explained, all the above-mentioned stats are just jaw dropping. There is a good chance we might never a player repeat such in the future of the league! Keeping that in mind, it’s hard to think of anyone dethroning Mike as the one and truly GOAT.

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