NBA Analyst Ridicules Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma For His Non-Existent Defense Against The Nuggets




The Los Angeles Lakers are a single game away from their destination. They are currently standing at a 3-1 lead against the Nuggets and the only scenario standing in their way is the Nuggets pulling off another miraculous upset after being down 2 games. Although it looks like they have it under control, there are still areas they need to work on. And it has something to do with their forward, Kyle Kuzma.

Is Kyle Kuzma lacking on the defensive end?

Lakers' Kyle kuzma against Denver Nuggets
Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Lakers may be breathing a sigh of relief after tonight’s win but they shouldn’t jump the gun. If the Denver Nuggets can send title favorites like the LA Clippers home, the Lakers still have a lot to worry about. They can’t make room for any mistakes at a stage where the Nuggets still have a chance to come back from a 3-1 deficit like they have done already twice consecutively.

The Lakers may be winning but their defense is still a big question mark. They haven’t been able to find a solution to stopping the Nuggets’ Jamal Murray from dropping doubles every night. This can prove to be very threatening and there is one name that is popping up when talking about clumsy defense.

On Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe mockingly said, “I just want to know one thing: Is Kuzma gonna try to play ANY defense? I’m talking about any, just a little? Maybe if the guy runs by, Kuz can pinch him or try to stick his foot out and trip him.” Sharpe explains that they should be running Murray off the three so that even if he hits a 2, that’s okay but it shouldn’t be a three-pointer.

Are the Lakers out of danger?

If the Lakers don’t tighten their defense, the Nuggets’ stars Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic are capable of unleashing hell on them. We have seen them do their best with their backs against the well and if the Lakers slow down now, they are in big trouble. They should not sit back until they finish this off in game 5. Will the Nuggets manage to fight back or the Lakers will fulfill their dream of entering the NBA Finals after a decade?