NBA Analyst Predicts Miami Heat’s Tyler Herro Will Join the Elite List of NBA All-Stars Very Soon




Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals was life-changing for a particular Miami Heat player. Yes, it’s rookie player Tyler Herro who broke records just at the age of 20. The Celtics are catching up to the Heat and now the series is at 3-2 with the Heat still in the lead. However, people can’t help but wonder about the potential this rookie player holds.

Is Tyler Herro a crucial piece in helping the Heat come this far in the Playoffs?

Is Tyler Herro of the Miami Heat a future All-Star?

Miami Heat Tyler Herro against Boston Celtics
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Coming off the bench in Game 4, Herro scored a career-high of 37 points. This is the most points scored by a rookie in the Playoffs off the bench. If it weren’t for his contribution, the Miami Heat wouldn’t have achieved the 3-1 lead. Undoubtedly, he deserves plenty of credit for the Heat’s current standing.

On Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe talked about where Tyler Herro will be in a couple of years. He said, “I think he can become an All-Star. When you look at the Eastern Conference guards, basically they are the K’s. Kyrie, Khris Middleton, Kemba Walker, and Kyle Lowry. Those are the guards in the Eastern Conference.” However, Sharpe isn’t very confident if he can be an All-NBA player or not.

“You still got Harden, Dame Lillard, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, maybe Westbrook for a couple more years. But the young guns, Donovan Mitchell, Jamal Murray, Ja Morant. I don’t know about an All-NBA guard. But in the Eastern Conference, I think he can become an All-Star.”

Even though Herro has a long way to go, Sharpe stated, “But like he’s 20 years of age, playing 33 minutes a night and doing this? He gets a little better. That’s going to be when he’s averaging 24 points a night. It’ll be hard to overlook him because the Heat are going to continue to win.”

Will the series extend to a game 7?

At this stage, it is uncertain what’s about to unfold. Nevertheless, the Miami Heat know exactly what’s at stake at this point. They were aggressive in the first half of the previous game, but the Celtics took over later. The Heat can’t let loose at any moment and have to make sure their defense remains as tight as it has previously.