NBA 2K21: New Patch Released With a Host of New Features and Fixes




NBA 2K21 has received mixed responses from the gaming community since its release on September 4. The current-gen game is not much of an upgrade from the previous edition, apart from a few things. The most notable new feature in the game is the new shooting mechanism.

Initially, this new feature was loathed by the community, but with time everyone got used to it. Moreover, a few weeks back NBA 2K released an initial patch to fix this issue in particular. However, the developers have released the latest, much better patch to make the game better.

NBA 2K claims this patch will affect the game in on several aspects such as defensive movements, badges, shooting, and more. Moreover, they have improved specific modes as well to give players a better experience in each mode.

NBA 2K21 Patch #2: Full Patch Notes

Let’s have a look at all the major updates that will be coming to the game after this patch update.


These updates won’t have a major impact on the gameplay, but it will improve the overall essence of the game, and the common navigation errors that players have missed in the menu.


Fixing the gameplay has been the biggest task for the NBA 2K21 developers. As mentioned earlier, the new shooting mechanism has caused many players an issue in adjusting. But with this patch, the shot-meter size is increased, so players will have a better chance to drain jumpers.


The MyCareer mode is by far the most popular mode in the NBA 2K21. There were some tiny issues that players were facing, and they should be fixed after this patch.


Along with the MyCareer mode, this patch will tweak a few things in the MyTeam mode as asked by the NBA 2K community.


Lastly, there will be few updates in the MyLeague to improve the playing experience for NBA 2K enthusiast. However, there is no major update of sorts.

NBA 2K21 Patch #2: Fan Reactions

Yet again, the new patch has received mixed votes from the audience. While the game is better for some players, there are many that are still facing various issues.

What other fixes and updates would you like to see in NBA 2K21? Or has the new patch fixed all your issues?