“My Biggest Supporter” – Blazers’ Carmelo Anthony Shows Immense Admiration for Teammate Damian Lillard




Carmelo Anthony and Damian Lillard are the two players in the Portland Trail Blazers who have a strong bond, both on and off-court. It was in November of last year when the Blazers finally got Anthony in the fold. He was already an established star who would be of great significance in the locker room, and his skills fit the Blazers’ needs perfectly.

In a recent interview, Anthony couldn’t stop raving about his teammate, Lillard.

Carmelo Anthony’s views on Damian Lillard

Recently, on ‘The Old Man and The Three Podcast with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter’, Carmelo discussed his season with the Blazers. Firstly, Melo explained why his landing in the Blazers was the best outcome for him.

“Portland to me, it was like for many reasons, not just basketball, I needed it. I needed that environment. I needed that peace and be in a place where I can sit and think,” said Melo. “Was it a second chance? Yes, but for me, it was more like they’ve taken a chance on me and I have to be there for them.”

Furthermore, he gave insights into his relationship with the Blazers’ star, Damian Lillard. Tommy asked Melo, “How has your perspective changed of Dame changed since you’ve been his teammate?”

In a heartbeat, Melo stated, “I’ve always respected him, always. He was one guy I’ve always respected as a player, and as a person. He was an honest, truthful guy, a humble guy, was very loyal. And even prior to going this year, we’ve always had conversations. — ‘Yo man, come to Portland.’ We’ve always had dialogue that this is the place you need to be.”

Melo’s support system in the Portland Trail Blazers

For many years, Melo was linked to the Blazers. Lillard and CJ McCollum tried to recruit him many times, but it just didn’t pan out. However, when it finally happened, Melo knew he belonged with them. “He was my biggest supporter,” Melo said, about Damian.

Further in the podcast, Melo revealed that he thought he would retire by 35 years of age. But, a year past that and at 36, Melo hasn’t even given retirement a thought this season.