Mercedes Answer a Million Dollar Question in Their Russian Grand Prix Debrief




Mercedes have one of the best social media teams and often conduct interactive and fun sessions on platforms such as YouTube. Their new brainchild for the 2020 season is the ‘Race Debrief’ series, where they answer all the burning questions pertaining to the latest race weekend.

Following the Russian Grand Prix, one of the most burning questions on everyone’s mind was, ‘What is the ideal way to prepare one’s breakfast cereal.’ Is it cereal, then milk? Or is it milk, then cereal?

Mercedes Trackside Engineer Director, Andrew Shovlin, an expert on the topic, tells us the right way forward.

Shovlin declared, “Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever in my life done the milk and then the cereal into the milk. Because that just isn’t right and it’s probably as wrong as people who make a cup of tea where they put the milk in the cup, then the bag and then the hot water and stir it.”

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Mercedes’ breakfast tips and tricks

He says, “You can get the color about right, but it’s back to front. I would have thought that’s quite an easy one. If the Weetabix go in and then the milk, that’s how you can get the level just right.

“You obviously want the Weetabix just protruding a few millimeters at the top. Then as it absorbs it (the milk) you will see the level drop a little bit. I really don’t see what you would achieve if you did it the other way around.”

Voila! That’s your expert analysis for the day on the perfect way to make breakfast cereal.

Jokes apart, Mercedes do invest a lot of time and put in a lot of effort to create a strong bond with their fans. And that’s honestly beautiful to witness. After all, who wants the team that they support to behave like old uncle Scrooge.

It would be interesting to see what more they have in store for the fans, following the Eifel Grand Prix on the 11th of October. One thing you can count on is that it would be pretty informative.