McLaren and Williams F1 Teams Take Steps to Bring the Fans Closer to the Teams




McLaren F1 team scored 10 vital points at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix last weekend. Meanwhile, the Williams F1 team came tantalizingly close to scoring a point. Both teams have started a fan engagement program to bring their fans closer to the team.

McLaren posted a series of videos titled ‘McLaren Unboxed’ on YouTube. Williams, on the other hand, took to Twitter sharing their weekend with the fans.

Behind the scenes of McLaren’s Imola weekend

This weekend, Formula 1 was at Imola and they unboxed the weekend with a video on YouTube, ‘McLaren Unboxed: Somewhere Old, Something New’.

The team’s weekend started with a walk down to Ayrton Senna’s statue to pay their respects to the racing legend. That was followed by the practice and qualifying day, where the drivers were briefed about the track and how to approach the circuit.

All eyes were subsequently on the race day as the paddock prepared to go all out. However, it was the first time we got a glimpse of the other side of the pit stop.

The fans also got a view of the pack up following the race. While Lando was excited to finally get around his little dessert, the team shared some light moments towards the end of the video.

Williams layout their weekend at Imola

The video explained the new 2-day format and the challenges that it presented to the teams. We saw George Russell talk about the circuit and the tire issues that the race could bring up.

He praised the team for their effort and further shed some light on the pressure that was on the drivers and the engineers as well.

Williams are currently sitting at the bottom of the table. The team was really close to scoring their first point at Imola and will be looking forward to making that happen over the course of the remaining races.

Meanwhile, McLaren are fighting against the likes of Renault and Racing Point for a P3 finish in the Constructors’ Championship. They currently have the exact same points as Racing Point and are a point behind Renault with 134.

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