Max Verstappen Yet to Match Lewis Hamilton on Sundays: Webber




Max Verstappen left the 2020 season on a high. After winning his second race in the season at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the Dutchman received a lot of praise. Although he had been on the Mercedes’ tail for the entire season, his last stint for the year marks a strong 2021 season.

For long now, this debate has persisted-between Verstappen and Hamilton, who is a better driver. Earlier, Max had made comments about anyone winning in a Mercedes. He had also suggested a switch in cars for him and the Briton. Well, ambition is good for success, but humility will get the dutchman far.

Max dominated the entire Abu Dhabi weekend, from Friday practice to Sunday’s race. However, does that establish much? Max has matured over the years, and this season may have been his best so far. However, besides being the youngest racer to win 10 races in F1, he has achieved little.

Formula One F1 – Sakhir Grand Prix – Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir, Bahrain – December 5, 2020 Red Bull’s Max Verstappen celebrates after qualifying in third position Pool via REUTERS/Tolga BozogluMark Webber, former racer at Red Bull, is a pundit with excellent insight into the race. Earlier, even he shared an opinion on this conundrum. His views, similar to ours. Verstappen is progressing quickly but is still far way out from Lewis on Sundays.

Max did a very, very, very good job. He is in the final phase of fine-grinding his craftsmanship, if I may put it that way. Is he already Lewis Hamilton on Saturday, in that he is the same as Lewis in the qualifications? Yes. Is he already Lewis on Sunday? No, he is not. But that’s normal,concluded Webber.

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Max Verstappen and Leclerc-Hot Shots

Max Verstappen may appear content with his P3 this year, but the boy is getting frustrated. After losing his chance to be the youngest champion ever in F1, he will plan to buckle up. The team needs to support him as well, but his effort is crucial.

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Among the new generation of racers, Leclerc, and Verstappen are the big shots. Although there are many besides them that promise a lot to the sport, but they are a class apart. The feats Leclerc achieved with a faulty car are commendable. Well, Webber believes that him along with Max is the future of F1.

He and Charles Leclerc, by the way. They are the hot shots coming up.

“There aren’t many drivers who get into such a situation: that you can dominate for a while and have the peace and regularity to do so without becoming complacent. That is experience. That is what he has to learn,” concluded Webber. Well, from the former Red Bull racer’s counsel, Max appears to be set. He needs to concentrate better and he will win championships with a little more effort.

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