Max Verstappen Stands up for Lewis Hamilton Over “Harsh” Russian GP Penalty




Lewis Hamilton was en route to equaling Schumacher on his most Grand Prix wins. The win at Sochi was one event the entire grid was looking up to. However, some sinister plot conspired by destiny saw the racer concede a 10-second penalty.

The alleged transgression? Exceeding track limits in practice starts. The penalty cost Lewis his lead and he finished third. Bottas on the contrary enjoyed a rather productive afternoon as he clinched P1 at Sochi, proving his haters wrong.

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Lewis Hamilton didn’t deserve a penalty, says Verstappen

Many on the grid agree to the fact that Lewis Hamilton was not at fault today. Among them was Red Bull racer, Max Verstappen. At the official post-race interview, Max sympathized with Lewis’ conundrum.

He stressed that Lewis might have broken a minor rule. However, a 10-second penalty is far too much. “I think the penalty Lewis got was really painful enough. I don’t know how many points you got…., but it is a bit harsh.

“That he’s up to 10 points without actually, I mean, it was not correct where he stopped, but penalty points for that. I’m not sure that’s correct.”

There is a need to make the race more interesting and competitive. However, doing that at the cost of a racer’s progress is not the correct way to go about it. The decision devastated the Mercedes team. It also sucked out Lewis’ inspiration and zeal about the entire event.

Hamilton shocked by the FIA’s decision

Hamilton’s misfortune kicked off in Monza. Since the Italian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton and the FIA have been at odds. The word about FIA using tricks on Hamilton to keep the sport exciting was a rumor.

Hamilton was dejected, and in disbelief about the turn of events. He was in no mood to celebrate or commemorate his P3. Lewis was insistent on the fact that he will have to go back and check on the rules.

He clarified how he had done this several times earlier, and no one objected back then. The decision cost Lewis Hamilton his chance to break Schumacher’s record. It cost him a tremendous blow to his belief in the sport.

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