“Marking Our Territory”: Kyle Kuzma Reveals His Favourite Moments For Los Angeles Lakers This Season




For Los Angeles Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma, beating Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers was the best moment of the season. When the Lakers signed Anthony Davis last summer, it led to an exodus of young players and draft picks. The reason behind giving away so much for one player was winning the Championship.

The Lakers haven’t won a Championship since 2010. In the last decade, they haven’t even been a consistent playoff contender. In an attempt to bring back the glory days, Lakers signed LeBron James in 2018 and partnered him with Anthony Davis a year later.

Although a few were skeptical about the move, Davis proved his worth as the season began. They were largely undisturbed at the top of the Western Conference. But a major concern for them was that they had not beaten fellow title contenders, Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers.

However, only a few days before the league’s suspension, they did that in back to back games. Unsurprisingly, Kuzma chose it as the best moment of the season discussing with his colleague Jared Dudley.

Los Angeles Lakers will want the season to resume

It has been almost two months since the NBA suspended its league. The Lakers will be among those teams who want the season to resume. Moreover, they are among the top contenders for the title this season, and all of the contenders will surely want the league to resume so that they can have a shot at the title.

The NBA has discussed various scenarios on how and when it can resume the league. One possibility is the games taking place at a single location where the players will remain in quarantine. Disney World was one of the locations that came up for hosting the remainder of the season.

However, recent reports suggest that the NBA do not want to resume the season until there are at least 15000 test conducted. This seems a far-fetched idea as they are currently testing only those with symptoms.