Magic Johnson Joins Fans in Roasting LA Clippers After They Set an Embarrassing Record




Records are meant to be broken. But no team in the world would be happy with creating history that speaks about their inefficiency or their embarrassment. But that’s exactly what the LA Clippers suffered when their game against the Dallas Mavericks broke for half-time. 

The Clippers who were 2-0 for the season came into the Mavs game with plenty of confidence in their team but without one of their floor generals. Kawhi Leonard had to sit out the game due to injury, and the Clippers just looked disoriented without him. 

The team hardly put up a fight against the Mavericks and were victims of a drastic scoring slump in the first half. Nothing seemed to be working out for the LA-based team, even for Paul George. 

LA Clippers put up the worst first-half performance in history

Paul George tried his best to revive the Clips out of their misery in the first half, but it wasn’t happening for him either. At one point, PG had scored all the field goals for the team, but even he was shooting quite poorly from the field. 

To say that the Clippers recorded a historically bad first-half wouldn’t be an overstatement. It isn’t an exaggeration at all. They were down by 50 when the first half was over and the scores were 77-27 in favor of Dallas, of course! 

Now, this was a moment like never before. Fans had never seen anything like this from any team in the league, let alone from the Clippers. They’re already being targetted on their internet for their alleged locker room issues and whatnot, and their 50-point half-time deficit has gone down in history as an embarrassing record for the franchise. 

“Mavs 77, Clippers 27 at the half. Per @ESPNStatsInfo, that’s the biggest halftime deficit in an NBA game during the shot-clock era, which started in 1954-55,” ESPN’s Tim MacMahon wrote. 

This embarrassing record adds more salt to their existing wounds! The Clippers plainly struggled to convert which would’ve had their fans stupefied. But anti-Clipper fans were having the time of their lives on Twitter. 

Hall of Famer joins fans to troll the Clippers on Twitter

Twitter is the place where the NBA community comes together to express its opinion. Moreover, the internet spares no one when it comes to comedy, and the LA Clippers are becoming frequent targets of master roasters. 

Before we look into a few tweets that cracked us up, here’s a tweet made by a lifelong Lakers fan after he witnessed the rival team being battered on their home turf. 

Well, Magic Johnson isn’t afraid of targeting the Clippers for their miseries. Magic supports plenty of LA-based teams, but the Clippers ain’t one!  

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NBA stars got in on the action too and players like D’Angelo Russell and Ja Morant were quick to update their state of shock!

Moving on, anti-Clipper fans and neutral supporters were quick to respond on Twitter and some users made creative posts that deserve a special mention: 

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