‘Mad at Me’: Jalen Rose Revealed Why Michael Jordan Gave Him The Silent Treatment for Years




The name Jalen Rose first made rounds when he was playing for the University of Michigan and was part of the famous “Fab Five.” But when he joined the NBA, he was mostly overlooked and hardly appreciated for how productive he could be. Unfortunately for Rose, pissing Michael Jordan off didn’t help his case.

Michael Jordan is not only the greatest basketball player of all time, but also the greatest trash-talker the league has seen. So for Rose to poke Jordan during a game was like playing with fire. In fact, he suffered its consequences for quite a long time.

Michael Jordan ignored him for years

In a special segment on Michael Jordan’s 58th birthday, Jacoby played a clip of Jalen Rose, when he was playing for the Indiana Pacers, giving Jordan the shoulder during a game. At the time, Jordan was playing for the Wizards but didn’t forget this incident for years.

“Remember, I leave the Pacers and I got the Bulls, his former team,” Rose started off. “He came in the summertime to the facility, multiple times and he didn’t talk to me dog, for years.”

“Imagine being a member of the Bulls, the best player on the team, Michael Jordan comes with the Ferrari. Everybody is happy to see him. He’s got the shoes, he is signing autographs, he’s taking pictures with everybody. That’s Michael Jordan. He ain’t talking to me though. He’s still mad at me from the Indiana days. He went years without talking to me.”

Chicago Bulls All-Star forward # 23 Michael Jordan file photos. (Photo by Tom Berg/WireImage)

Did he ever start talking to Jalen Rose again?

Rose revealed that it wasn’t until he became the owner of the Bobcats, now the Charlotte Hornets, that they were on talking terms again. This is a perfect example for anybody who wants to understand Jordan’s competitive nature. It is actually one of the things people admire most about him.

Every team that he went to, benefitted tremendously from his contributions. His 13-year-old career ended in 2007 when his aging knees weren’t compatible with the Phoenix Suns‘ fast-paced game. Now an NBA Analyst, Rose is still not given enough credit for the great player he was.

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