‘Like Kobe’: Lakers’ Forward Shows a Glimpse Inside the Godlike Schedule of LeBron James




LeBron James has been playing for as long as any modern NBA fan can remember, and he has no intentions of slowing down. The Lakers’ leader is the poster boy of longevity, and the league has benefited from his prolonged career.

Four NBA rings, 4x FMVP, 16 All-star mentions – at 36 years of age, this man is at the beginning of the end of his career but still plays with the enthusiasm of a rookie.

While it might be possible to dislike him from a distance, those who intimately watch him train see him as a deity. One such name is Jared Dudley, the vet teammate who is very vocal about the respect Bron deserves.

What makes LeBron James unstoppable at 36?

After the Lakers’ clutch victory against the Celtics, a sweaty Bron, on his way to the locker room, expressed, “Tired is only in mind”.

He had played for 37 minutes against the C’s, which was the team’s longest that night. However, he still had the energy to play two OTs if need be.

Lakers forward LeBron James shares a laugh with Celtics forward Jayson Tatum as they wait to check-in at the scorers’ table. Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

In a recent interview, Jared Dudley shed light on this.

“LeBron has basically picked up where he left off last season. If you look at his numbers, they’re almost identical across the board. Some are actually better. He recently became the Vegas favorite for MVP. How do you explain what he’s doing at 36 years old and in Year 18?”

The Akron Hammer is a fitness icon today. He can still block a player at the glass and then run back to the other end to do justice to the possession with a dunk. 

The 35-YO Jared added, “Everyone talks about his work ethic. I’m there personally. I get to see it. I see it when it’s back-to-backs and he’s in the weight room at 7 a.m., sweating, shirt off, drenched. [I] see the way he’s so meticulous on his schedule of taking his naps and getting his rest and knowing what the eye of the prize is… He’s someone with a God-given ability and hard work put together and with a rare athleticism and power, man.” 

Drawing an important parallel between the Lakers’ L-Train and Kobe Bryant

(EXCLUSIVE, Premium Rates Apply) Kobe Bryant, winner Under Armour Undeniable Performance Award, and LeBron James **Exclusive** (Photo by KMazur/WireImage)

A year ago, Wizards’ head coach Scott Brooks had admitted how LeBron could’ve won the MVP many more times if not for voter fatigue. Unfortunately, the NBA legend still has many haters who would probably not respect him until after he retires. However, once he leaves a legend-sized void, they’ll miss him, something that happened after the world lost Kobe Bryant.

As Jared rightly put, “It’s always good to hate good players. Everyone is always like, ‘It’s a rivalry.’ He’s had so many different rivals. So there are some people that are like, “I don’t like Bron.” But at the end of the day, like Kobe, at the end of his career like, we appreciated it, but we wish we could appreciate it even more. And so that’s why I just wish people, for Bron, like, yo, appreciate it because it will not be here forever.”

Do you think LeBron gets the respect he deserves? Let us know in the comments.

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