‘Lewis Lives in His Own World’ – Grosjean Takes a Dig at Hamilton’s Newfound Love




Ever since the start of 2021, Lewis Hamilton has been spending a lot of time in cross-country skiing as a part of his training for the approaching F1 season. It was a treacherous phase for the 7-time world champion, as he was still finding his way in signing a deal with his trusted team.

Amid such a pressured situation, with his future at Mercedes left in hanging, the Briton had found peace by skiing at 2000m. He even took to social media to share his thoughts on the newly found adventure.

Cross-country skiing at 2000m. This is one of the greatest workouts I’ve discovered over the years. Feeling so focused. Finding peace and tranquility in all I do and never giving up! Sending you big waves of energy,” he wrote.

This post by Lewis caught the attention of former F1 driver, Romain Grosjean. The Frenchman took a sly dig at the Briton, who claimed that he had finally found the best workout in years in Skiing.

Apparently, Grosjean has been into Skiing for the last 10 years. Hence, he opined that Lewis should keep an eye on his social media posts, which possess dozens of images of him Skiing in the alps.

Grosjean’s view on Lewis Hamilton getting in Skiing

During an interview, Grosjean opened up that his former racing colleague, Lewis Hamilton, lives in an entirely different world from others.

Lewis lives in his own world. Funny enough, recently, he posted a lot of pictures of him on cross-country skiing,” the Ex-Haas driver said.

He says this is the best training in the world. Why didn’t I know before about it? Well, if you had been watching my social media for the last 10 years, you know I do it every winter. You know, I’ve been competing in cross-country events. I think it’s mega, and it really gives you a great physique.”

What’s more, Grosjean also revealed that he is ready to help Lewis “on the skis“. The former Haas driver usually makes it a routine to spend some time on the alps prior to each F1 season.

Hence, with his love for Skiing still intact, and Lewis joining the club, will we get to watch the two skiing together in the future?

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