Lewis Hamilton Under Investigation For a Practice Start Outside Authorized Area




Lewis Hamilton is having a tough time in Russia this weekend. The 6-time World Champion faced an investigation after yesterday’s qualifiers. As news comes in from Sochi, the driver has found himself in some kind of trouble, and another set of investigations are underway prior to the race.

Lewis Hamilton came from behind to take the pole in the Russian Grand Prix. However, he is facing an investigation after an alleged practice start outside the designated area.

“Hamilton is under investigation for performing a practice start outside of the designated area,” the tweet read.

Hamilton was scheduled to start at the pole position. However, he pulled to the right-hand side towards the end of the pit lane. According to regulations, a driver is restricted to perform the practice starts near the pit lanes and is usually instructed to do it on the right-hand side just after the pit lane exit.

Justifiable incidents are often excused for stopping in the fast lane outside the pit lane exit. However, a practice start is not a ‘justifiable’ reason. Therefore, Hamilton is under the scanner for breaching the regulations.

Lewis Hamilton in action in the Russian Grand Prix
Formula One F1 – Russian Grand Prix – Sochi Autodrom, Sochi, Russia – Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton during qualifying. |REUTERS

Lewis Hamilton faces the heat the second time this week

Hamilton came in from behind to qualify for the Q3. He went on to clinch the pole position setting a new track record in Sochi. However, he was soon under investigation ignoring information from the race stewards.

Facing the investigations for the second time this week, Hamilton will be wondering where he is going wrong. He is known for his calm and composed nature, but the investigations have left him under a considerable amount of stress.

Specifically, the one prior to the race is bound to shake him a bit. Whether this affects his performance or not will be clear once the lights go out.