Legendary Rapper Snoop Dogg Rates Magic Johnson ‘Higher’ Than LeBron James and Michael Jordan




The Los Angeles Lakers have finally bounced back into the conversation of champion teams. The credit for this resurrection goes to LeBron James, who was the constructor and the pilot of this successful mission. Somewhat similar, or arguably even better, was the impact of Michael Jordan on the Chicago Bulls when he first joined them.

The two players more or less defined their era in unique ways. Michael Jordan made the NBA popular in the entire world, thanks to his larger-than-life brand image. LeBron James, on the other hand, grew in popularity as he kept breaking one record after the other. To add flavor to this debate, Snoop Dogg jumped in with his take on the GOAT.

Snoop Dogg on Michael Jordan Jordan vs LeBron James

The great rapper recently sat down for a virtual interview where he provided his take on the evergreen debate. The 48-YO first heaped praise on MJ by saying, “If you look at what Jordan did, he played in the era when Basketball was real hard and aggressive, and it wasn’t a lot of fouls called and he had to go against the beast of the East and the West. The competition was a little more aggressive. So, you got to give him respect for winning six against six MVPs and doing it in a time when it was unheard of to go three-peats, back-to-back.”

He further explained why LeBron James deserves a different kind of recognition.

“think of LeBron James and him going to three different organizations, mainly organizations that were terrible, that probably wasn’t going to the playoffs, to going to the finals, and winning the finals within a two-year period, that’s amazing. And doing it from a standpoint of being with the head force and getting them there and winning, being the driving force, on offense and defense, and socialism outside the Basketball court, and being the standup guy with no court cases, no allegations, no anything of that nature.”

But who is the GOAT for Snoop?

One can summarize his words and form a conclusion. Perhaps he meant MJ was a better player while LeBron is a better impact-maker. However, he ended the comparison by suggesting that Magic Johnson is GOAT for him.

The Hoop Dreams singer watched Johnson as a child and remembered, “Magic Johnson is always higher than Michael Jordan to me because I’m a Laker and I looked at what Magic did when he first came into the league. He took control when Kareem got hurt against the 76ers in 1980. I was watching that game as a kid. He played center, forward, and guard… Jordan didn’t do that, his rookie season, he was good but he wasn’t that good.”

Snoop has always been a sport fanatic, especially following American Football and Basketball. He is also the founder of the Snoop Youth Football League. With that, he aims to bring some positive change into society using sports as a tool. The man has written and sung songs dedicated to Basketball and hence his vote here matters to the fans.