LeBron James Has Insane Post-Season Stats that Make Him the King of NBA Finals




LeBron James does not play for stats, but stats eloquently work for King James. He has been all over the place with all those recent records he either matched or set. This makes him a feared personality, not just for his current opponents, but also for those legends whose records are under solid threat.

The Akron Hammer is the ultimate king of NBA Playoffs and this will soon be accepted as a universal fact. The Lakers sealed the Western Conference Finals by defeating the Denver Nuggets 117-107 in Game 5. Bron played a big role in the win as he almost single-handedly eased the matters at hand.

Your holiness, King James!

The way the Lakers entered the NBA Finals 2020 is worth the 10-year wait. They lost just three games in the 12 that they won. This result, however, did not seem optimal when the Lakers were struggling during the seeding games in the bubble. That’s when The L-Train decided to build upon his legacy.

He appeared in back-to-back eight NBA Finals (winning three of them) beginning 2010-11. The only year he could not enter the playoffs was last year in 2019 when he played only 55 regular games because of an injury. 

Now, this is ridiculous, just so daunting, and ever so unfair on the opponent teams, who almost know that defeating LeBron in the Playoffs before the NBA finals is next to impossible. The stats back this claim and the numbers don’t lie.

LeBron James and the Lakers now look invincible!

The L-Train now averages 26.7 points in this post-season. In Game 5, he kept getting better with every quarter. He was almost silent in the first quarter but kept working his way up until the last where he unleashed all his strength. Bron scored 38 points, 16 rebounds, 10 assists and 1 steal with 60% FG. 

These figures can never lead to failure if one also has constant help from Anthony Davis. AD converted all of his seven FTs and scored 27 points. The duo played like a silent killer in this game, which killed the dreams of an otherwise amazing Nuggets. It now looks more sure than ever that the Lakers can be the champions this year.