LaVar Ball Feels LaMelo Ball and His Brothers Will Never Meet a ‘Nice Woman’ in Their Careers




There are a lot of hopes riding on 2020 Draft prospect LaMelo Ball. He is slated to be a Top 3 pick, and there’s a bright future ahead in the NBA. There aren’t a lot of shortcomings when it comes to his basketball career, but what about his love life? LaMelo’s father LaVar Ball explained why certain NBA stars find it hard to commit to a solid relationship during their playing careers. 

LaMelo Ball is rumored to be in a relationship with Ashley Alvano. However, father LaVar Ball feels life as an athlete is extremely hard, especially when you’re in the NBA. 

“You’re never going to meet a nice woman, especially in basketball. If you’re in this profession, what you got all this fame and notoriety, how are you going to meet a good girl?” Ball questioned. “You’re never going to meet a good woman. And by the time you do, let’s say you hit 30. And then you meet a woman, and she’s 30.  You got to wonder why she’s by herself at 30. So there’s something that’s dangerous no matter how good they look.” 

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Why LaMelo Ball or his brothers can never commit to a solid relationship during their professional careers

LaVar Ball is extremely skeptical about his sons falling in love during their professional careers. The main reason being that basketball stands tall among other interests, and even though they might enjoy the company of women, none of it will be long term.

“I’ve already seen them. They’ve already brought through a few here,” Ball mentioned. “I tell them to be careful out there man, but you never know what you gonna get ‘cause usually where do you meet a nice woman?”

LaVar Ball then put forth his idea on where one could meet a “perfect woman” to suit every need. “If you have a job and you go to your job everyday and she works at your job you see her every day,” he stated.

“You know what she’s about. You go to school, you see her all the time. You go to church, you see her all the time,” he further explained. LaVar then reasoned that his sons do neither of the above due to their heated schedules. 

The brothers travel to several states and meet numerous women and have a good time. Ball mentioned that “retirement” is the only way they can find a solid relationship and it might be just too early for LaMelo Ball to earn that. 

The talented guard is yet to enter the league and make a mark. Thus one can expect him to follow his dad’s advice and stay out of long-term relationships unless he really feels attached to a particular woman! 

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