Lance Stroll Teases a Gorgeous New Livery for Aston Martin in 2021




Everything is slowly falling into place for Racing Point, in terms of their rebranding to Aston Martin F1 Team in 2021. They have already signed a multiple title winner in Sebastian Vettel, following up that move up by sealing a deal with Jefferson Slack as their new Commercial Managing Director. Now they have revealed what their prospective color of livery will be.

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Racing Point have already been busy planning for the future. Addressing the racing livery for the 2021 F1 season seems to be the next logical step in the transformation process.

Speaking to the press, ahead of the Russian Grand Prix, driver Lance Stroll spilled the beans. He said, “I believe it will be British Racing Green. So it will be pretty cool.”

The choice of color for their brand new livery doesn’t really come as a surprise. The British Racing Green is an iconic color in the world of motorsport. It seems only fitting that a British F1 team should don those colors in one of motorsport’s top events.

British Racing Green is the signature colors of Aston Martin

This is not the first time we’ll be seeing an Aston Martin in that iconic shade grace an F1 track. Back in 1959, Aston Martin had its first tryst with F1 as a constructor. Although that move was shortlived (only 6 races to be precise), they did sport the British Racing Green.

The color is pretty much as symbolic to Aston Martin as red is to Ferrari. Aston Martin’s Super GT team sport the British Racing Green and until recently, even their Endurance Racing team did the same.

Some would have thought that perhaps the F1 team could go down the same road as the FIA Endurance racing team did this season, choosing to sport a lime green with accents of their classic color on the sides in the pattern of what could be best described as sunrays.

But they have decided to stick with tradition and nobody would despise them for that. Because quite frankly the color looks stunning. Besides, it’s a massive upgrade on their current pink-colored livery anyway.