Lakers Star LeBron James Shows His Disapproval For NBA’s Off-Season Plans




On Thursday, the NBPA voted and approved of the NBA’s proposal for starting the 2020-21 season on December 22. But Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James seems disappointed with this decision. He took to his Instagram story to show his disapproval.

Following the 2020 title win, LeBron and the Lakers, along with the Heat, have the shortest time to rest. Game 6 ended on October 11, and the new season starts on December 22, which is barely two months. This is hardly half of how long an offseason is, usually.

While the NBPA voted and approved of the decision, LeBron is entitled to his own opinion. He turns 36 next month and is entering his 18th season in the league. LeBron has always taken fitness seriously, so if he feels he needs over two months to rest, he shouldn’t be targeted for that.

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Will the Lakers play their initial games without LeBron James?

Multiple teammates had already said that the NBA is unlikely to see LeBron in action if the new season begins in December. Jared Dudley said it first, and then Danny Green also chimed in. He said, “If we start in December, I think most guys [are like] ‘I’m not going to be there… to have that quick of a restart, I wouldn’t expect [LeBron] to be there for the 1st month of the season.”

The Lakers are going to be defending their title, and LeBron will be eager to be completely fit when playoffs begin. So he may stick to occasional ‘load management’ if he has to. So in his absence, the rest of the team has to step up.

There’s a chance that Anthony Davis will also sit out the first month. That could give the Lakers a slow start and with the West getting tougher, will they get away with it?

Fans will hope that LeBron can join the action soon. There is still a chance that he joins the team in December itself, even though he may not be on board with that decision to start so early.

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