Lakers’ Rajon Rondo Gives a Hint of His Post NBA Plans




The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers rivalry dates way back. Nobody could ever fathom that a former Celtics player would be an integral cog in helping the Lakers win their 17th NBA Championship title. Rajon Rondo is on the cusp of making history by being the only player to have won the championship as a part of the Celtics and the Lakers.

Rondo’s addition to the Lakers’ has proven to be very beneficial for them. Ever since he returned from his injuries, he has been climbing the ladder in playoff assists. Thus, while adding himself to the iconic records, Rondo discusses what he believes his future holds for him.

Rajon Rondo, the inside man in their success story

Lakers' Rajon Rondo Defended By Miami Heat guardGoran Dragic
Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

On ESPN’s ‘The Jump’, Rachel Nichols stated, “Frank Vogel actually made you coach. It wasn’t ceremonial. You were in the assistant coaches’ meetings. You were game planning with them.” She then asked, “What did you get out of that experience?”

“Amazing experience,” defined Rondo. “Being able to be in on the inside of a potential NBA championship, coaching staff meetings daily and learning. So I was just trying to be a sponge as much as possible.”

The guard then described how the meetings exactly transpired. “I recorded some of our films. I took a lot of notes down. So in the future, if I want to become a coach then I already have the blueprint on how to be a successful coach and how to conduct the meetings”.

Is coaching a path the Lakers point guard might take?

After listening to how much Rondo is fond of these meetings, out of curiosity Rachel asked, “Do you think you’ll end up coaching in the NBA?”

Rajon said that as much as the thought of coaching is pleasing, he wants to remain open to other prospects. “I love to coach and teach the game. I love to put people in a position to succeed so that is a recipe for a coach,” said Rondo. “I also don’t want to box myself in. I would love to be a GM. So those two are the paths I would like to go down, you know in the future”.

The way Rondo commands his teammates on the court, it won’t be surprising if he takes up the coaching gig. However, we don’t know how far or close those days are. All we know is that just like he helped the Celtics win their 17th title, he is on his way to do the same for the Lakers this year.