Lakers President Reveals the Mamba Jersey Was Designed by Kobe Bryant Himself




Right before the Los Angeles Lakers entered the NBA Finals, Jeanie Buss, the president of the Lakers, revealed to the world that the Mamba jerseys the players wear with so much pride were actually designed by Kobe Bryant himself.

Fans just witnessed another great feat by the Lakers today. They are holding a 2-0 lead against Miami Heat and are showing no signs of slowing down. This season has been all about paying tribute to Kobe, but it looks like the Kobe merchandise the players wear was made by the legend himself.

Kobe Bryant left a piece of himself behind

In ‘Inside the Green Room with Danny Green’, Jeanie Buss and Harrison Sanford joined Green in discussing the Lakers before their big games began. Thus, how is possible that the Lakers legend Kobe Bryant doesn’t come up?

Danny Green talked about the thought process when entering the court. He said, “We step on that floor, we’re proud to be a Laker. We’re proud to play for this organization and because of guys like Kobe, Shaq, and all those other guys that came before us and played here have left such a great legacy. We’re trying to leave our own legacy as well and try to just carry on and make those guys proud.”

Lakers Danny Green in Mamba Jersey against Miami Heat
Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Green elaborated on what it’s like to put on the jersey and play in it. To this, Jeanie Buss added, “What I want people to understand is that the black jersey, with the number two representing Gianna and the number that she wore when she played. That jersey was designed by Kobe.

“That jersey was going to part of our season,” added Buss. “It wasn’t something that we pulled out of and let’s quickly do a Kobe jersey. That was the plan all along. As it turns out, it has been one of the most popular jerseys.”

The feel of the Mamba Jersey

Green gave further insights into the aesthetics of Kobe’s jersey. “It feels really nice. The texture, the material. A lot of us were joking like ‘I think he left some of his DNA in this thing’ you know how well we’ve been playing.”

After Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna’s death shook the world, the Lakers team is now doing everything to keep the Legend alive. And winning their seventeenth championship ring would probably be the greatest tribute they could give to their Mamba.