Lakers’ Danny Green Miraculously Foretold His Current Situation Eight Years Ago




The Los Angeles Lakers succumbed to defeat in Game 5 of the NBA finals. They really looked off their element, and the Heat capitalized to race away with a win. In the final moments of the game, Danny Green had a chance to win it for the Lakers, but missed an open three-pointer. Naturally, harsh criticism followed.

With just seconds remaining in the game, the Lakers had possession. LeBron had the ball in hand when the team was trailing by just a point. He drove to the pain and attracted the Heat defenders with him. Then, James made a quick pass to the open Danny Green, who was standing at the tip of the 3-pt line. 

Green seemingly had a lot of time to take the shot, but he instantly went for it and missed. The rebound fell kindly, but Marcus Morris fumbled it and threw it out of bounds. And just like that, the Lakers are now forced to play a sixth game in the finals. 

When Danny Green made an eerie prediction

The most astonishing part of all this is a Danny Green tweet from 2012! Green was playing for the Spurs when he tweeted, “If….only if….@DGreen_14 wuda hit a shot, mighta been a diff series…suppose to b a shooter n doesn’t show up on the big stage smh,” Green wrote. 

Green’s status from eight years ago creepily resembles what he’s going through now! If Green had made that shot, the Lakers would be champions and he would’ve won his third career ring. However, the shot clearly missed the bucket and cost the Lakers a win. 

Who is to be blamed as the Lakers lose control in the series?

Miami looked bright right from the tip-off. They carried a healthy lead heading into half-time, but the Lakers closed in pretty swiftly. LeBron James led the team with a 40.0 point performance, but he fell short of guiding them to victory. 

There were two significant moments late in the game that contributed to the Lakers’ downfall. The first one would be Danny Green’s missed effort in the final seconds. He’s been struggling to find his shooting form ever since the restart, and this just added to his misery. 

However, Kyle Kuzma gave away a reckless four-point play late in the third quarter. This proved to be costly as Miami raced away with the lead when the game was going tight in the third. Kuzma lunged in on Duncan Robinson when he was making a quick three, for which he faced the consequences. 

Robinson converted the play, and the Heat gained a priceless lead. But this happened before the fourth quarter. The Lakers rallied back in the subsequent twelve minutes, but failed to march ahead.  

Danny Green should have made the shot, but he didn’t. The moment is gone and Green would look to work hard on his clutch shooting before the next game. Closing out a series is tough, and the Lakers are on the brink of it at the moment.