Lakers’ Anthony Davis Unveils How LeBron James Serves as his Off-Court Inspiration




The Los Angeles Lakers punched their way into the 2020 NBA Finals. Anthony Davis and LeBron James have been an inspiring duo to watch all season. This is their first year together as teammates, and AD has already grasped a lot from James on what it takes to stay at the top for 17-straight years. 

We’ve all witnessed LeBron dominate the league with every passing year. Though he’s switched teams, the hunger for victory has remained the same. Right now, LeBron is locked in as ever, and that is a dangerous sign for the Miami Heat. 

LeBron James is undoubtedly a monster on the court. He’s so athletic and incredibly talented that opponents sometimes have no chance of guarding him. However, to be doing this for nearly close to two decades, one must have immense physical and mental strength to keep carrying on. 

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James at the 2020 NBA Playoffs
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“He’s [LeBron’s] very detailed. Like his attention to detail is off the charts, to every series, every game. He’s locked in as soon as he steps into the arena. Takes care of his body. He sleeps more than anybody I know,” Davis said, about the meticulous attention LeBron gives his body. 

“So those things, like the things he does now — he has all this recovery stuff shifting and stuff like that, but it’s why he’s been dominant for 17 years. It seems like he’s aging backward, and it’s because he takes care of his body,” he further added.

LeBron James imparts his wisdom into Anthony Davis as well

Making it to ten different NBA finals is no easy task. That’s why even many great players have failed to accomplish this feat. LeBron is just built differently and ultimately one should accept it as a fact. However, he still keeps pushing to get better, and that’s what makes him stand apart from the rest. 

For Anthony Davis, watching LeBron perform his wizardry has been a learning experience. The 27-year-old is the future of the league and is currently learning from a man who’s been the face of it for the past decade or more. LeBron has been putting in major efforts to guide Davis to become a better athlete which involves shifting up certain habits. 

“He’s always on me about things,” Davis credited LeBron. “I can be up all night, I don’t need to sleep. Sometimes I just can’t sleep so he’s like, here, try my sleeping app, the Calm app. He’s always giving me little hints of how to be better, how to be a better player and help my body.”

Los Angeles Lakers superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis celebrating
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For a professional athlete, clawing one’s way through an injury can be a demanding task. For Davis, it has been a different experience this year with LeBron beside him to provide valuable inputs.

“Just being around him and having him help me take care of my body and some of the things he does, I’m able to stay on the floor and play the game I love and compete.” 

It has indeed been a special ride to watch LeBron James and Anthony Davis put the Lakers on the top. With his miraculous efforts, Davis has already earned himself the title of LeBron’s best teammate, just based on the fact that how good they’ve become in just one season as teammates.