Lakers’ Anthony Davis Reveals the Toughest Players to Guard in NBA




Anthony Davis is coming off a spectacular season. His first season as a Los Angeles Laker ended in a championship. AD paired up with LeBron James to lead the Lakers out of the Western Conference to beat the Miami Heat in six games.

Anthony Davis was a crucial part of the Lakers championship victory. Not just offensively, but also defensively. AD played a spectacular defense and was one of, if not the biggest reason they won.

Davis was a contender for defensive player of the year this season. But there are players even AD has struggled to play against. In an interview with Mark Carman, AD revealed the toughest players in the NBA to defend against and said, “I think KD is a guy who is very tough to guard. I think it’s him, Dame, and James Harden… They’re tough.”

Kevin Durant Kobe Bryant
Thunders Kevin Durant drives past Lakers Kobe Bryant at the Staples Center Friday (Photo by Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Davis revealed what made Kevin Durant so difficult to guard. He noted his versatility and ability to do everything on the court that made him so dangerous and hard to defend and said, “Especially KD, because he’s 6’11, 7 feet. Able to handle the ball, shoot extremely well, off the dribble, catch and shoot and put it on the floor. He can finish, he can pass. There’s just nothing that he can’t do.” 

Anthony Davis on the toughest players to guard

With regards to James Harden, Davis mentioned that there was no one better at playing isolation ball in the NBA. He said, “James, I think is the best isolation player in the game. Step-backs, the way he’s able to draw fouls.”

On the subject of Damian Lillard, Davis was very complimentary. He mentioned how tough Dame could be because of his ability to be dangerous from all parts of the court. Davis said, “And Dame, just the ability to sit across half court and shoot the ball. It’s tough to guard because you don’t know if you want to pick him up further, cross half court. You pick him up and he’s able to go right by you and make the right play.” 

Davis then gave his ranking and said Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Damian Lillard were the hardest players to guard in the NBA. “Those three guys are the toughest in that order,” Davis claimed.

Anthony Davis’ future will be interesting to note. He is expected to opt-out of his player option and enter free agency. However, it is believed he will re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers for a longer deal.

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